Savers Loans

Have you ever wondered how to build or repair your credit? Have you ever wished you could build a savings account? You can do all these with this new loan product!

Here is how it works:

  • Loan amount = $500.00
  • Loan Term 12 months
  • Loan proceeds deposited into your savings account
  • Monthly loan payments are approximately $48.00 per month
  • Loan proceeds are available to you when the loan is paid in full
  • A co-signer is not required
  • Must have some income to satisfy monthly payment

When the loan is paid in full, the $500.00 will be available to you. Once you have paid the loan and you are in the habit of making this monthly payment why not continue to make the monthly payment to yourself, and watch your savings balance grow. Contact our Loan Department for more information at 860-253-4780 or 800-749-8305.

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