Direct Deposit

With direct deposit, your pay check, retirement and government-issued checks can be electronically deposited into your credit union account(s). There is no charge for this service. To initiate direct deposit, you will need to provide your Human Resources/Payroll Department with our Routing and Transit Number (RT#) which is 211176969 and your credit union account number or you can also download a Direct Deposit Request Form that has the necessary information on it.

Once the credit union receives your direct deposit it can be disbursed between your various share suffixes: savings, checking, holiday club, summer pay club, etc. Direct deposit is also a great way to make loan payments.

Use Direct Deposit for your tax refund. It’s safer, quicker and easier. Working with us, the IRS will transmit your refund directly to your credit union account. Our Routing and Transit Number (RT#) which is 211176969, and your account number from your statement are all you need. See the instructions on your U.S. Tax Return form.

Please contact us for more information at 860-253-4780 or 800-749-8305.

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