Remote Check Deposit (RCD)*

Easily deposit checks from anywhere using our FREE Mobile App! 

  • You can deposit funds into your primary savings or checking accounts by taking photos of your check 
  • 24/7 Convenience
  • Easy, Fast and Secure

Steps to Using Our Remote Check Deposit

Step 1: Download our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play by searching “Tobacco Valley Teachers FCU.” You must be enrolled in Virtual Branch, our online account management service, before you can log into our app.
(Note: User Name is the same as Login ID. Security Code is the same as Password.)
Step 2: Conveniently deposit funds into your primary savings and checking accounts by taking photos of your check. It’s easy, fast and secure. Enroll today by signing into our mobile app, then follow the prompts to activate this service.
*Upon TVTFCU’s approval, you will be able to deposit checks into your account.


  • Properly endorse the check on the back as it appears on the “Payable to” line and the words "For Mobile Deposit Only TVTFCU" are required.
  • Check amounts over $2500 are not eligible for RCD.
  • If your mobile RCD is completed before 3:00 p.m. on a business day, you’ll see a credit to your account that same day. If your mobile RCD is completed after 3:00 p.m. on a business day or weekend or on a holiday, you’ll see a credit to your account on the next business day.
  • Check holds – The whole check is held for the first business day, $225 is available the next business day and the remainder of the deposit is available on the third business day. TVTFCU has the right to extend check holds as we deem necessary. All credit is provisional until credit has been received by the paying financial Institution.
  • If you do not see the credit to your account, your RCD was most likely rejected due to improper endorsement or the image of the check was unclear. You can verify whether the check was accepted or rejected by going to the Menu within your mobile app and clicking on Deposit Check; this will bring you to the list of RCDs you have submitted. If your RCD has been rejected, please call the credit union to find out why.

Unacceptable Items for Deposit include:

  • Checks drawn on a foreign bank
  • Money orders
  • Travelers checks
  • Checks payable to an individual not on the account
  • An item drawn on your account at Credit Union
  • An item that contains evidence of alteration
  • A check previously converted to a ‘substitute check’, as defined in Regulation CC
  • A stale dated, expired, or postdated item
  • Any item that has been re-deposited or returned such as ‘non-sufficient funds’ or ‘Refer to maker’ or any other reason
  • Cash
  • Savings Bonds
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