Fee Schedule Information

Effective as of December 19, 2022

All fees will have a transaction code of "SK" on statement followed by a description.

Easy Steps to Avoiding Fees and Save Some Money

  • Use Fee-Free ATMS in the CO-OP Network for cash withdrawals.
  • Pay your bills with our Online Bill Pay service which is included with our FREE online Virtual Branch and Mobile App.
  • Keep track of your accounts and avoid overdrafts.
  • Keep your account active and avoid receiving an inactive account fee. You need to have at least one transaction per year to keep your account active.

Savings, Checking & HSA Fees

Overdraft/NSF check or uncollected funds $35.00 each time
ACH/NSF return of uncollected funds $35.00 each time
Overdraft transfer from shares $10.00 per item
Place stop payment $30.00 per item
Copy of paid draft (check) $10.00 per item
Copy of paid draft (check) online through Virtual Branch FREE
Reconciliation of account $20.00 first time
Reconciliation of account $35.00 second time and each time thereafter
Inactive account after 1 year excluding 17 years and younger $10.00 per month
myChance Checking $10.00 monthly
Re-opened misused Share Draft (Checking) Account $15.00
Account closure within 6 months of opening $25.00
Club account closure (before club end date) $25.00

ATM/Debit & Visa Credit Card Fees

Unlimited ATM/Debit Transactions  
No ATM fees at any CO-OP Network ATM
(other financial institutions may charge you)
ATM/Debit Card (initial card) FREE
Replacement for lost ATM/Debit Card $10.00
Rushed replacement for lost ATM/Debit Card $40.00
Replacement for lost Visa Credit Card $10.00
Rushed replacement for lost Visa Credit Card $40.00
Cash advance on a non-credit union Visa Credit Card $10.00
Visa Classic or Platinum Credit Card late payment $30.00 (up to)
Visa Classic or Platinum Credit Card return check $35.00 (up to)

Money Market Savings Fees

Transfers through CARLA automated phone system
Limit 6 per month
Transfers through CARLA automated phone system $10.00 Each transfer
beyond limit of 6 per month

Loan Fees

Late loan payment $30.00
Lien release letter $30.00
Mortgage release discharge requested by a 3rd party $75.00
Copy of any documents requested by a 3rd party
(ie: Attorney)
$1.00 per page
Subordination agreements $75.00

Miscellaneous Items

Virtual Branch (Online Banking) FREE
Mobile Banking App FREE
Online Bill Pay Service FREE
E-statements FREE
Printed Statements $1.00 per statement
  Printed statements are free to members under the age of 18 and over the age of 65.
Visa Gift Card $4.00
CU Money Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card $5.95
Official credit union check payable to 3rd party $5.00
Wires in/out domestic $20.00
Wires in/out foreign $40.00
Foreign check collection $25.00
Any check deposited to your account and returned to the credit union $35.00
Member check cashed by non-member
(up to $2,500)
1% of check amount
$5.00 minimum
Copy of a printed statement $7.50
Copy of printed account history $2.00 per page
Copy of check deposited to your account $10.00 per check
Copy of 1099/1098/1099SA/5498SA $7.50
Returned mail / incorrect address fee $5.00 per piece
Processing of levies, garnishments, executions, subpoenas and escheatments $30.00
Temporary checks (12 checks maximum)
$10.00 per request
Coin Machine 2% of total amount of coins redeemed
RFID Debit/Credit Card Sleeve FREE per card, $1.00 each thereafter
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