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Tobacco Valley Teachers FCU

Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union

182 South Road, Enfield, CT 06082 - Routing Number: 211176969
Call: 860-253-4780 or 800-749-8305 | Fax: 860-253-4785
View office hours | Email: msr@tvtfcu.org

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Member Testimonials

"The Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union is a welcoming community that fosters support of all its members. My family has been members since 1984. We have received quality assistance no matter what our needs have been. My children are now also members of the credit union and have experienced the warm and friendly environment as well."
Robert Cressotti
Member Since 1984

"TVTFCU is like Home! Everyone is Family! When you walk in everyone knows your name and banking is the second thing that has to happen. My children love to learn how to bank with all of the incentives that TVTFCU provides to teach them how important savings is for life. Thank you for all that you do for our family!"
Katie Hunt
Member Since 1997

"Why do I love the Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union? The people of course! I walk through the front door and I feel like I'm home. Everyone is so happy to see me. They are so kind and helpful every time I’m there. I have NEVER been steered in the wrong direction with the advice I have taken from all of them! Thanks for always being there for me!!"
Debbie Roberts
Member Since 1986

"Being a member of the credit union means paying almost no fees but still getting the services of a big corporate bank. I've been a member of the credit union for so many years that I signed the papers for my first car loan in the living room of the Cowles’ home on Frew Terrace in Enfield!! I've had accounts at different banks while being a member of the credit union but after a while I got sick of paying fees and talking to customer service reps that had no power to fix a situation. When I call the credit union I always get clear instructions and an answer to my question, and I can go into the office and actually meet with the person I spoke with on the phone!! For the last ten years I’ve used only the credit union for my banking and haven't missed out on any services."
Karen Jones
Member Since 1977

"I have been with the Tobacco Valley Teachers Credit Union for years now and would never go anyplace else. As a matter of fact, I have gotten my niece to sign up and am moving my parents' account also. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to help you with anything you need. The rates are great and the personal service I receive is unmatched by any chain bank. They also have really good cookies on Fridays and coffee every day! You can't find a better place!"
Kathie Steinert
Member Since 1974

"Thank you to the Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union. I have been blessed to have this wonderful organization take care of me for over twenty-five years. The ladies at the credit union are simply the best! They are patient, professional, personable and trustworthy. They have helped to manage my financial life and because of their professionalism and sincere concern I have enjoyed a sense of confidence and security."
Judie Hourihan
Member Since 1986

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