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Share Savings Account

Open a Share Savings Account to become a TVTFCU member. A minimum balance of $25.00 is required. This minimum amount represents your share of ownership in the credit union. It is not a fee; it goes directly into your newly established Share Savings Account. Once you become a member of the credit union, you can remain a member for life, even if you change jobs, relocate or retire.

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Money Market Savings Account

If you're looking to earn higher dividend rates on your savings but want your funds to be available, the Money Market Savings Account is for you. Dividends are paid on a tiered level, computed on your average daily balance and paid quarterly. Minimum deposit is $2,000.00 - the higher the balance, the more you earn. You may make unlimited deposits and withdrawals. The withdrawals are set at a minimum of $250.00. Online transfers out of the account are limited to six per month. Online transfers over six per month will incur a $10 per transfer fee. Come in or speak to one of our Member Service Representatives for more details.

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Youth Accounts

The credit union understands the importance of providing financial literacy to our youth. These youth programs will help educate and provide valuable money management skills that will last a lifetime. We also offer a waiting area with toys and cookies on Fridays! Plus look for our Credit Union Youth Month celebration in April.

         Kirby Kangaroo Club (Ages Birth - 12)


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         iSave Teen Club (Ages 13 - 17)


  • We deposit the first $5.00 into account!
  • Share Draft (Checking) Account*
  • Visa ATM/Check (Debit) Card
  • Earn $1 for each grade of highest achievement per subject on final report card in June!
    (Up to $10)
  • Money Holder
  • Opportunity to apply for our Annual $500 Scholarship Award**
  • Newsletter
  • Pocket Cents web site

         Open a myLife Checking Account starting at age 18 and receive:
         .25% Discount on a First Time Car Loan
         .25% Discount on a First Time Personal Loan
         FREE Checks (free shipping on first order)


Click here to see the latest interest rates for our Share Savings Account.

*The Share Draft (Checking) Account must have a parent/guardian co-signer.
**Members must apply for the scholarship. Contact us for more information.

Summer Pay Club

To help our members meet their expenses during the summer, the credit union offers an interest earning solution called the Summer Pay Club! You can have a certain amount deducted from your pay each payday during the school year. The money is deposited into your Summer Pay Club and earns interest quarterly. At the end of the school year, we will automatically transfer, bi-weekly, the designated disbursement amount of the Summer Pay Club into your credit union Share Draft Checking (suffix X). You will have access to your money with your FREE ATM/DEBIT card and/or FREE basic checks that we offer. Your funds will be available at 8:00 a.m. on the scheduled disbursement dates. This allows you to easily plan your summer finances according to what best fits your bi-weekly needs.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: When figuring out your payroll deduction, multiply by 21, as this is the average number of payroll deductions that the credit union receives throughout the school year. Then divide by 5 to get your Summer Pay Club disbursement amount.
EXAMPLE: Save $275.00 per pay during the school year, multiply by 21 = $5,775.00, then divide $5,775.00 by 5 = $1,155.00 for each summer pay club disbursement, plus any interest that has been posted to the account.


Click here to see the latest interest rates for the Summer Pay Club.

Holiday Club Account

Our Holiday Club is an easy, convenient way for you to save for your upcoming holiday expenses. You can make deposits through payroll deduction, in person, or mail to reach your goal. The club matures the first week of November when we will transfer the full amount of your club to your savings account. The club will pay dividends based on available earnings, computed daily and paid quarterly.  

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Health Savings Account (HSA)

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax favored savings arrangement for individuals covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). With HDHP coverage, an individual must pay for a certain amount of medical expenses before the HDHP begins to pay any medical expense. In exchange for paying a certain amount upfront, individuals enjoy less expensive insurance premiums. Individuals can use the money they save in an HSA to pay for medical expenses incurred by themselves, their spouses, or their dependents. Changing from your existing HSA account to ours is simple. Contact us for more information.

Click here for a downloadable flier with more information.

Click here for a downloadable form to give to your employer.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates are a great way to save and earn money with a higher interest rate than our regular share savings account. The minimum deposit for a Tobacco Valley Teachers Federal Credit Union certificate is $1,000.00. We offer terms for one year, two year, and three year.

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